How Do I get an Autopsy?

In order for an autopsy to be performed, a permit must be signed by the next of kin.
- The law states the priority order of those with the right to request an autopsy.
- If someone higher on the list does not want an autopsy,
someone lower on the list does not have the right to sign the permit.

The above assumes that the case does not fall under the juristiction of the coroner.
If the coroner has juristiction, he can order an autopsy without permission of the next of kin.
In Texas, the coroner has juristiction if :
A body was found and the cause and circumstances of the death are unknown.
The death is believed to be an unnatural death from a cause other than a legal execution (accident, suicide, or homicide).
The death occurred in prison or in jail.
The death occurred within 24 hours of admission to a Hospital
The death occurred without medical attendance.
The physician is unable to certify the cause of death.
The deceased is under six (6) years of age.

The coroner may release the body for a private autopsy if there appears to be no reason for an investigation.

In order for Dr. Luquette to perform an autopsy, there must be:
1. a valid permit.
2. a history form describing the patient and the circumstances surrounding the death.
3. a financial responsibility form.

All of the necessary forms as well as a copy of Dr. Luquette's curriculum vitae (resume) are available on this web site.